About us

Our company

ANIVITE's Administration has been operating in the pet food market for over 50 years. Aware that the market is increasingly demanding and that it is necessary to ensure a high quality in our products and services that we provide to our customers, it is committed to:

Support tutors in the care of their pets every day;

Ensuring that quality must be assumed and practiced by everyone, in a context of increasing value that supports the company's defined strategy and objectives;

Identify the needs of our customers, and if possible their expectations, so that we can meet their satisfaction and, in this way, consider us a preferred supplier;

Internally promote environmental awareness for the prevention of pollution;

Maintain a constant awareness of solidarity with animals in need;

Invest and develop in human capital, so that they can respond adequately and in a timely manner to the needs of customers, to the legislation and standards, as well as others applicable to the activity carried out by ANIVITE;

Promote internal practices to motivate and involve employees in the search for continuous improvement of the implemented processes, to:

Ensure the sale of safe and quality products for pets;

Ensure a result with added value for the interested parties;

Ensure active participation that promotes communication;

Communicate and disseminate this quality policy to all company employees and make it available to all relevant interested parties.